Internal Investigations

We can help your company find the facts in cases of misappropriation, misconduct and malfeasance. Gordon Platt led investigations for years as an Emmy Award winning producer for ABC News and then as the founder of his own production company. He was awarded a Silver Gavel by the American Bar Association for his investigation of corrupt law enforcement in Texas as a result of which 25 wrongly accused defendants in drug cases were released from prison. During his career as a journalist, Gordon also spent time reporting on undercover arms networks and international money laundering. 

As the founder of a strategic communications company Gordon also managed crises for multiple clients, offering advice and counsel on successfully navigating sensitive business and personal situations. The firm currently has a network of investigators and attorneys in over 20 countries, so wherever your investigation may lead, we have you covered. 

Startups and Early Stage Companies

We are well acquainted with the issues facing startups and early stage companies. As a founder and entrepreneur Gordon Platt is familiar with many of these issues from personal experience. He has extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of startups and investors from conferences he developed as the founder of Gotham Media. We know exactly what is needed by the founders of early stage companies and can explain the process in simple and straightforward terms without spending excessive time and money “over lawyering” for our clients. 

In addition to the initial documents needed to get a company off the ground, we are experienced in dealing with financing documents and negotiations, hiring and management issues, contracts and licensing agreements as well as safeguarding your intellectual property. We focus on working with you on  developing your company and executing your strategic vision and view ourselves very much as our clients’ strategic partners as they launch and expand their product offerings and services. 

Media Law

In a rapidly changing media landscape we remain on top of the latest changes in technology and the law. Our firsthand experience in media production ensures that we know what matters the most to media producers and we are able to communicate those interests and priorities through the documents and agreements that we produce for our clients. Perhaps most importantly,  we can flag potential legal issues well before they become problems.

We handle all issues related to media and the law. These include talent relations and contracts, pre-publication review, licensing and intellectual property. We deal with the business and legal side of media, entertainment and news so that our clients can focus on producing quality content.

Reputation Management:

The management of reputational and privacy issues is an interdisciplinary practice involving research, crisis management and administrative law. In many cases our clients discover that they have become the victims of identity theft or fraud only after the damage is done. We have the experience and skills to ensure that we can undo and correct the damage once its done and to prevent future intrusions and attacks. The best offense is, however, an active defense and we work closely with clients to install those safeguards that will help to ensure that their privacy and security is protected and never compromised.

Due Diligence

Due diligence comes into play in a wide range of legal issues, including mergers and acquisition, employment agreements and other types of contracts. It takes a blend of research, interviewing skills and persistence to compile a due diligence report or profile. As a former investigative journalist brings all of his hard earned skills and experience to bear in the pursuit of information desired by his clients. Wherever information is located we place an emphasis on a rapid and complete turnaround, leaving no stone unturned. 

In recent years due diligence research has emerged as a cross between classic research and database management. We have access to the most sophisticated tools available and have also put together a network of investigators and lawyers in more than 20 countries around the world. Our job is to ensure that you can enter into deals, agreements and engagements with a clear mind and complete confidence. 

Asset Protection

The assets at stake in transnational litigation, insolvencies and divorce can be difficult to untangle and sometimes even more challenging to locate. Whether by happenstance or design, and it is often design, funds may be secreted away in foreign jurisdictions, complex webs of companies and in difficult to trace assets. This is one reason why large amounts of cash are invested in real estate in New York, London and other financial hubs. The difficulty of locating the ownership of really estate is only compounded by the networks of shell companies that often own luxury investment properties. 

The tracing of assets is a skill Gordon Platt honed in years as investigative producer at ABC News. Overlapping and intersecting paper and digital trails can be hard to dissect. And that’s often why they’re created. Over the last year we have assembled a network of attorneys and investigators in over 20 countries. They provide the language, business and culture expertise required to track and trace assets. It is often essential to have someone on the ground in overseas jurisdictions, especially in situations in which many records are still not put on line.