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Preparing for Your Cyber Attack

Preparing for Your Cyber Attack Your business is likely to become the target of a cyber attack if the recent past is any guide to the near future.  In 2020, at least 2,354 local governments, health-care facilities and schools in the United States were affected by ransomware attacks, and since 2016, an average of 4,000 […]

Good Times! Your Summer Trusts and Estates Checkup

I get it, BBQs,the beach fireworks and wills don’t seem to be an automatic fit (i.e. Which of these things doesn’t belong?), but a relatively quiet time might be just the right time to think about your family’s future. Now that things may be slowing down for the summer and at least some of the […]

Lessons For All Of Us From James Brown’s Estate Battle

Most of us don’t live the complex life of a legendary music icon, and in many respects that’s a good thing. Indeed, the legal wrangling over James Brown’s will and estate was just resolved after nearly 14 years of litigation and family infighting. That’s a long time for family members and wanna be family members […]

7 Reasons to Write Your Will Right Now

It is easy for me to say that right now is a good time for you to write your will. It is, after all, one of the things that I get paid to do. If my personal welfare is not a compelling factor, there are other reasons to create a will that are certain to […]

Private Placement Life Insurance: Hedge Funds with the Gain and Less Pain

For those interested and able to invest in hedge funds or other alternatives, another option exists that can yield the same results with much less of the pain imposed by taxes. Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is an asset protection solution used most effectively by individuals with a net worth of more than $20 million, […]

Media Training in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve just been asked to sit down for an on-camera interview. Whether your immediate reaction is joy, fear or panic there are several factors that you’ll want to take into account to make the experience a success. It’s obviously a little bit more complicated than the five considerations I outline below, but these are enough […]

Do You Really Want To Be On The Front Page?

The front page of a major newspaper or a magazine cover is the holy grail for many businesses. The allure of notoriety, big business and untold riches is all there, not to mention that teeth gnashing envy of their competitors. In reality it’s time to ask whether you’ll really get what you want with that […]

Why Nobody Cares About Your Business

I have a close friend, a CEO, who gets so many pitches and unsolicited emails for business that he doesn’t have time, or the inclination, to open them. And for that matter, neither does his assistant. She hits delete, sight unseen. That’s a pretty discouraging anecdote, but also a telling one. The fact is that […]

What’s Wrong with ProPublica’s Tax Article
What's Wrong with ProPublica's Tax Article

I’m a fan of ProPublica. As a former investigative reporter I admire the valuable work that the non-profit organization produces on a daily basis. Yet, as an attorney who does a great deal of work in asset protection and trusts and estates, as well as a former journalist, I have a problem with ProPublica’s recent […]